Taking care of jewelry manufacturer in the heat of summer

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If you are going outdoor in the summer, whatever you want to you better your most treasured jewelry manufacturer safely at home or in the hotel. Not only you can lose your accessories and jewelry pieces in this type of situations and activities, the sweat of our skin usually affects its quality and condition, since many materials tend to oxidize more quickly and even begin to blacken. Therefore, better safe than sorry! In this article, an expert from a caring jewelry manufacturer will tell you what’s the best way to take care of your precious jewelry during the heat of summer.




   Before applying you any cream or oil (either your sunscreen or your usual moisturizer), it is best to take off all the jewelry (and keep this in mind throughout the year). Then, wait to put them on again until your skin dries and stops being oily.



   Silver, gems and stones, enamel, and even gold, although it has higher resistance, all the natural materials in jewelry pieces require some care and adequate cleaning to preserve their conservation and quality, as well as maintain the brightness and beauty of the first day. wholesale jewelry set


jewelry manufacturer

   However, it is essential to take into account some peculiarities and differences according to the material of which your jewel is composed:




   They are stones that contain water, so this, at high temperatures, is susceptible to evaporation. A good idea may be to moisten them with a cloth from time to time to preserve their level of hydration. Do not use soaps with this type of stones.


Yellow gold


The jewels made in 18-carat gold are very resistant pieces that withstand almost all conditions, since it is a stable and robust material that resists high temperatures, corrosion or oxidation very well. Be especially careful if the pieces are ancient, sensitive, or delicate.


White gold


   Special mention deserves white gold since the jewels made of this material usually have a rhodium plating to highlight its brightness and color. In this case, sweat, salt, or chlorine can affect your jewelry negatively.




   They are a very resistant material, so, in principle, the sun, sweat, saltpeter, or chlorine should not affect you excessively. However, it is essential to be very careful with impact, since they are stones that, although they stand out for their hardness, can be broken by the massive impact.



jewelry manufacturer  


It is a noble metal like gold, but much softer and more delicate. In addition, it is proven by many jewelry manufacturers that depending on the person, and the type of sweat, 925 sterling silver the jewels of this material act differently at the time of rusting or darkening. Be very careful also with the rubbing of the sand.

   With these simple and practice as recommended by a jewelry manufacturer, your jewels will be ready to return from holidays without damaging your precious jewelry.

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