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925 rings wholesale

925 rings wholesale’s quality, the material used, its standard, price everything is highly embellished within each other in terms of perfection and deservingness. Because all the elements dwelled in this outstanding artwork requires care and to be delicately dealt with compassion and love. They are modish, inexpensive and what not. But then a question arises […]


sterling silver pieces

Sterling silver enhances the entire dramatic look of your dress and upgrades the whole style. For a long time, people thought that only rose gold, gold, or platinum can be the only metal choices when we talk about jewelry, but now during 2020, there has been a massive increase in the popularity of sterling silver […]


sterling silver

Whether you plan to gift the sterling silver pieces to your friends or run a sterling silver business, you need some stunning packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver. The packaging is one of the essential priorities when you are packing up the silver jewelry. Some businesses or individuals add up the stunning pieces in a […]

Top 7 unforgettable plans silver bracelets you can do in Spain and Europe!

silver bracelets

You have long vacation days ahead but haven’t had the plan ready? silver bracelets Why don’t you consider going to Spain for this vacation of yours! Spain is a European country with amazing culture, friendly people, and fantastic weather! This Hispanic country is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe for both Europeans and […]

Taking care of jewelry manufacturer in the heat of summer

jewelry manufacturer

If you are going outdoor in the summer, whatever you want to you better your most treasured jewelry manufacturer safely at home or in the hotel. Not only you can lose your accessories and jewelry pieces in this type of situations and activities, the sweat of our skin usually affects its quality and condition, since […]

Best Place to Buy Wholesale Jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand

Wholesale Jewelry

This guide on best place to buy wholesale jewelry in Bangkok has all the information you’ll need for wholesale silver jewelry sourcing. Bangkok is known for its different temples, a street full of mouth-watering food stalls, and a rich and vibrant culture. The “City of Angels” has lots to provide to residents and visitors alike. […]

Why Is Cleaning Your Sterling Silver Ring Yourself Easier Than Taking It To The Shop?

Sterling Silver Ring

Are You Someone In Possession Of A Sterling Silver Ring? Do you have one of these gorgeous beauties? These gorgeous beauties that shine in the light, that look gorgeous with any and everything that you wear. Are you in possession of a beautiful Sterling silver ring? If you are, then you are one lucky individual. […]

Amazing Stones Antique Marcasite Rings That Are Worth the Buy

Antique Marcasite

Rings are one of the essential pieces of jewelry that you should be wearing on a daily basis. It can represent so many things about you, like your marital status, whether you like staying simple or wear accessories to glam up your look, and many more. But what kinds of rings should you be opting […]

Why sterling silver fashion jewelry is the best gift for the wedding anniversary?

silver fashion jewelry

Silver fashion jewelry is the best gift   Sterling silver fashion jewelry understands the true meaning of love and doing amazing work in jewelry. Their beautiful sterling silver jewelry is perfect for your true ladies whether you’re celebrating your 1st or 3rd or 10th anniversary. “When you see the person, a person whom you can’t […]