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Whether you plan to gift the sterling silver pieces to your friends or run a sterling silver business, you need some stunning packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver. The packaging is one of the essential priorities when you are packing up the silver jewelry. Some businesses or individuals add up the stunning pieces in a zip lock bag, which gives it a bad look! The packaging idea defines your brand as well as the gift you plan to deliver!

Packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver


The packaging is essential as it makes your product look worthy and eye-appealing! Invest some time and energy in beautiful packaging ideas as it upgrades the entire look of your product. For a simple DIY packaging idea, you can order a jewelry box online and then customize it according to your taste. Have a look at the simple packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver:


sterling silver


  • Buy cute little Pillow boxes:

Buying a simple box might seem too basic, so get your hands on pillow boxes. You can order them online from eBay or Amazon. There is a massive range of packages available online. You can choose colored boxes or plain brown box and then customize them accordingly. wholesale ring You can add a flower on top or wrap it around with a ribbon, stick a customized note, or seal it with a business logo. This seems like a perfect packaging idea for wholesale sterling silver. 

  • Heat some Sealing wax:

If you have an oldie Goldie personality, then get your hands on plain boxes. Add the piece of sterling jewelry and then seal it with wax having your logo printed. This serves as one of the best packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver, allowing you to communicate with your buyers in a traditional, unique way. This packaging idea serves well for vintage-inspired jewelry pieces or antique ones.

  • Choose Patterned tissues:

You can always rely on tissue paper as one of the most straightforward packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver. You can select from a massive range of patterns and colors. What makes tissue papers great is that they offer a cushioning effect to the jewelry pieces and prevent scratches. For securing the package, you can also utilize jute twine to get an earthy, crafty feel. Moreover, you can also attach customized handwritten or printed notes. 

  • Get your hands-on Fabric scraps:

If you want your package to look too incredible, you can sew some drawstring bags from the fabric scraps. These packagings look creative and leave a memory with your cute package. You can check out your wardrobe for some od shirts or dresses and turn them into drawstring bags that look stunning. 925 sterling silver Add a personalized, creative touch to your jewelry business with these cute little drawstrings. Add some unique fillers, stampings, or ribbons to get a gorgeous look. 


sterling silver

  • White bags in organza with customized colored filling:

Perfect packaging can silently make your buyer your loyal customer. It helps the owner to convey a message to the buyer. Add an excellent label, your business logo, customized notes, or tags, and make your packaging look stunning! White color always makes your packaging look sleek and adds a royal touch to the entire package. 

  • Make use of postal boxes:

It is one of the best inexpensive solution and a brilliant one to keep your costs down when packaging the wholesale sterling silver. Such boxes serve well for making your jewelry selling business qualify amongst customers. A universal, standard size postal box works well as an all-rounder. You can pick from an extensive range of designs that suits well for pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, or other jewelry pieces. 

  • Wooden jewelry box:

If you seek some high-end and sleek packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver, opt for the wooden boxes. Choose the ones with soft leather interiors or a protective cushioning base. White wooden boxes give a nice, modern, sleek touch to the entire packaging look. Besides white, you can also opt for black or brown colored wooden boxes to achieve a dramatic look!

  • Get creative using washi tape:

Buy some brown boxes or paper bags and turn them into colorful, attractive pieces with washi tape. Bring your creative skills to action with this excellent packaging idea for wholesale sterling silver. You can either opt for a signature style washi tape or add a variety of colors. Compliment any of your jewelry pieces with a brown bag and then wrapping them on with a washi tape.

  • Make use of pack smile punches:

The pack smile punches help you create your personalized cards for lever backs, ear wires, finished chains, and more. You can check out different videos to learn how to use them for other packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver

  • Leather boxes:

For a classical, traditional packaging idea, go for a leather box that offers a stunning, competitive look with a perfect quality finish. There is an extensive range of leatherette boxes available in the market. There are standard and postal options both for catering to the needs of the jewelry business. There are also coin boxes available in the market designed to hold full, half sovereigns along with the crowns. There are also different options like a cufflink, pendant, earring, ring boxes, and much more.

Final verdict:

Use these simple tips and customize your packaging ideas for wholesale sterling silver. These ideas serve well for gifting it to someone or selling it to the customers. Update your whole packaging game with these simple ideas that allow your packaging to leave a perfect impression. Besides these packaging ideas, you can opt for kraft gift boxes, which are made from colored materials and offer a charming look to your packaging style. 

Try these packaging ideas now and share them with us!